Matters of the Heart


A tale of love…

There is this girl I know,
Sensitive, thoughtful and as pretty as snow.
In the surreal world she believes,
& each day in her heart a thousand dreams she weaves.

Dreams of true love & romance,
Of her prince charming twirling her in a magical dance.
Dreams of long strolls under the clear blue skies,
Of endless chats all through the day & night.
Dreams of entering world anew,
Of life that’s full of bliss and hue.

Then the enchanted story got a start,
When Cupid finally played his part.
She met this handsome charmer, who stole her precious heart.
He looked into her eyes & promised her the stars.

With their hearts locked together, as they sail in the love boat
This beautiful love story isn’t going to be untold
With echos all around of their happiness & laughter
This is one saga that says, ‘happily ever after’.